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Doctor 泛指各科医生,即一切有行医资格的人。如Go for a doctor(去请医生)。

Physician 主要是指内科医生,如The physician’s nightly rounds.(医生每夜的巡视)。

Resident Physician 内科住院医师

Attending Physician 内科主治医师

Surgeon 主要是指外科医生,如The surgeon performed the operation.(医师做了手术)。

Surgical Resident 外科住院医师

Attending Surgeon 外科主治医师

Orthopedist 骨科医师

Attending Orthopedic Surgeon 骨科主治医师

Dentist 牙医,如B.D.S. Bachelor of Dental Surgery(牙医学士),M.D.S. Master of Dental Surgery(牙医硕士)。


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